Our company

one of the dominant players of the Hungarian market

Our company has provided international tax representation services since 2004 to companies having tax liabilities in a state other than in which their seat is located, for whom; however, there is no business ground, other than compliance with administrative requirements, for founding a company abroad.

Companies engaged in international commercial activities may not only be relieved of substantial administrative burdens by using our international financial representation service; it also allows the planning of their VAT payment obligations arising in various states in relation to their activities and the financing of these obligations.

RSM Hungary was the first to launch its international fiscal representation service in Hungary. As a result of our organic growth and the professional experience accumulated during the years, today we have a highly skilled expert team with a good command of foreign languages working on these assignments.


  • LENOVO Singapore

    Singapore, PC wholesaler
  • Unilever Supply Chain Company

    Switzerland - FMCG wholesaler
  • Nu Skin Products

    USA - skin care and nutrition
  • WizzAir Hungary Airlines

    Hungary - low-cost Hungarian airline
  • Western Digital Technologies

    USA - hard disc drive manufacturer
  • Lite-On Singapore

    Singapore - LED wholesaler
  • Allsport Management SA

    Switzerland - Formula 1 Paddock ticket sales
  • Chemtura Europe GmbH

    Switzerland - Chemical product manufacturer
  • Elitegroup Computer Systems

    Taiwan - motherboard wholesaler
  • FedEX - Hungary

    Logistics supplier